Tools & Materials

I will use this page to list both the hard, soft tools and materials I found useful in planning and executing my build. Hard tools include stuff like the torque wrenches, stands, etc., while soft tools include the software or web services used to document the build. The materials will include a list of consumables used as well as (eventually) a pictorial database of the components used in the build.

Hard Tools Listing: This will be a listing of the tools and their sources used in the build.

Soft Tools Listing: I am using several software tools to manage and chronicle the build. I like Apple™ products and I use the iPad™ extensively in both my work and play. I am using the photography functions of the iPhone™ and iPad™ to document photos as well as videos of the parts and the build, so I have rounded up software that is compatible with this hardware:


Journal: I am using a neat application from Steven Romej called Chronicle for iPad which can be downloaded to your iPad or iPhone from the App Store. Like an electronic version of a diary it allows you to use the iPad to put into words what you have done in the day (or hour if you like) and add pictures of the work as well using the iPad or iPhone’s camera.

Parts Management: I am using another simple database program to track the parts going into the car as well as document the costs of each of the parts. This program again compatible with the iPad is called TAPFORMS by Tap Zapp Software, Inc. which can be downloaded again from the App Store. They also have a website at It comes with a variety of templated databases but you can also customize the program with a fairly powerful set of customization tools to create your own drop down lists, links, photo storage, calculation fields, bar code reader and it synchronizes through the iCloud to the desktop and iPhone versions.

Photo Annotation: There are times when it is nice to be able to add comments or measurements to a photo when trying to illustrate a point. I have found that My Measures Pro from SIS Software works fairly well. You can import a photo from the iPad photo library, annotate the photo with linear and angular dimensions in both english and metric units. It has a tool set that can be used to calculate measurements, the hypotenuse or the side of a triangle, volume and surface area.

Website/Blog: I am using for the main online presence for the build. Part of the reason for doing so is that I want to teach this old boy the tricks of blogging as well as spread the happiness and frustration that clearly comes with building one of these cars.

Consumables Listing: I will be providing a list of the consumables used in the build and a review of their usefulness as I move through the building process.


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