October 2012


I was notified by FFR that the car would be ready for shipment on or around the 20th of October.

After considering going up to pickup the car at the factory, I (as it turns out appropriately) decided to use Stewart’s Transportation. Whether I realized at the time or not this definitely turned out to be the right decision. The delivery was scheduled for the 25th of October.

On Thursday, the 25th, After battling his way through the New York and Washington Area traffic, Mr. Bob Stewart arrived at our home in the country about 8 pm ( just as the sun started to set).

I had prepared the spot in the garage with the requisite jack stands but I was not sure how we were going to get the car from the truck to the garage. Our driveway is about 4/10ths of a mile long and the nearest street where the truck could park was another 100 or so yards away. When he arrived he immediately let me know that the truck and the driveway would not mix so we devised a move plan that involved my John Deere tractor, the car on the dolly, the drive and my wife in her SUV.

Bob was fantastic. I live in Northern VA so Bob had to battle rush hour traffic all afternoon. Our location presented additional challenges: we ended using my tractor to tow the roadster (with Bob escorting the car on foot) 100 yards down the road and then another 4/10s of a mile down the driveway.

Towing the roadster on its first journey off the truck.

Towing the roadster on its first journey off the truck.

When we got back to the truck, the local police where there (it was kind of unusual to have an eighteen wheeler around our area at night). After we explained what was going on and Bob showed them the cars we spent 10 minutes talking cars including all the kit models sold by FFR. They ended up blocking off the highway with their cruisers to make it easier to back out the rig. The adventure now begins in earnest … after I finish the inventory and garage.

Elapsed Time: 2 hours

10/26 -10/30

I continued to inventory the boxes received on Thursday evening. I am taking photos of all the components as I do the inventory. So far I have found no missing parts that were not already indicated in the back order list. For the most part all the pieces that have been powder coated are pretty good shape with solid welds although some clean up of the welds could be better. Some areas for improvement in the documentation would be:

  • Include photos of the key components especially those not easily described in words;
  • For major assemblies, provide a blow up diagram

Both of the above would make it much easier to do the inventory.

I took time to photograph all the bags and parts as I conducted the inventory. I am not sure how I will use the photos but I know it helped me to correlate names to part numbers and location on the car. For example:

Front Suspension Coil Springs

Front Suspension Coil Springs with Koni Shock Sleeve

Elapsed Time: 5 hours

Back Ordered or Separately Shipped Parts: The number of backordered items is pretty small and were clearly identified. My list of back ordered parts included:

  • Parts of the IRS Completion Kit: The differential, the spindles and the half shafts
  • Front Suspension Steering Arms
  • Wilwood Brake Components: Calipers, Brake Pads, Discs, Assorted accessories
  • Replica Halibrand FFR wheels

Inventory Organization: Basically there is an inventory sheet for each box with the box number annotated on the respective sheet. The individual lines on the sheets identified the assembly or part number and showed the inventory actions taken when the kit was assembled at FFR for shipment and a status column. I used the later for you to do my receipt inventory. I will do the inventory of the items on the frame when I remove the body later this year.

Where items were backordered, these were annotated with “0” on the individual sheets and these backordered parts summarized on the front sheet of the inventory called the Parts Order List (POL).

The link provides you access to the inventory provided by FFR for my kit.

Mk 4 Roadster Inventory Sheets Mk 4 Roadster Inventory Sheets

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