November 2012

I did not accomplish much this month other than continuing my preparations and research for the build.


My Wilwood disk brake package arrived yesterday. Massive front brakes with 6 cylinder calipers. Slotted and drilled, these front and rear brakes will give my car plenty of stopping power. The FFR customized kit comes with all parts needed to hook up to the FFR supplied brake lines and includes a set of pads and detailed, customized installation instructions. I am hoping to avoid putting on power assisted brakes by using the larger more capable brake system than the OEM Mustang version.

I also picked up a Craftsman digital 25-250 ft-torque wrench at Sears for $99 on sale which was the best price on or offline I could find. I did not check the reviews in advance but with Sears guarantee on tools I should be ok even if it turns out to be problematic.

Other than the Rear end IRS components, I have everything to start the suspension installation, however work on the car will have to wait until I get the garage finished.I worked more on the photo parts database, finding a better application that works on the Mac and IPad.


Researching this morning and found these listed as the 1965 original paint colors offered on the cars:

These colors were offered as standards on the 427’s:
Guardsman Blue
Charcoal (Lincoln Charcoal Frost)
Ivy Green (Custom)
Raven Black
Maroon (Custom)
Silver (1965 Lincoln Silver Mink)
Wimbledon White
Rangoon Red

However, the 427 Comp and S/C cars came over bare (unpainted) and were painted to order at the Shelby facility. Besides the stock colors, the list below contains all the original (as shipped) colors for the Comp & S/C

Ferrari Yellow
Candy Apple Red
Ivy Green
Saphire Blue
Silver Green Metallic
Hertz Gold
Guardsman Blue
Rangoon Red
Navy Blue
Silver Blue Metallic

Source: post by computererks 11/29/2003.

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