Build Journal

This is the journal where I will document the daily activities leading to the ultimate completion of my dream machine build. I will probably lay it out by component/system and then break that by date and time of the work performed. This would pretty much follow the FFR build manual.

Notice that if you are building a hybrid (i.e. not the green type but the one that starts with a base with added upgrades) you will find that you must go between the base model build manual and the complete model build manual to get all the components installed correctly. I will try to point out which I used as I go through the build.

As part of this build journal I will perform a lot of the documentation using photographs and videos. After intensify study of the available materials online and in hardcopy, it seems to me that the best way to spread the word is via the web using as much photographs and videos to document each step of the build and the lessons learned over the life of the build and ownership of the car.

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